Thank you for everything you did for my husband. Your work was greatly appreciated and the peace of mind it brought was beyond price.

— Kathy O.

I am so grateful to you and Jim for all your work in defending me through this.... I truly appreciate [Jim's] help. I feel like I can get on with my life now.

— Nicholas P.

Thank you again for your brilliant handling of my termination case. I would be no less grateful if we had not prevailed. Your strategy was thoughtful and well-crafted and, the more I replay the hearing in my mind, the more amazed I am at your tactical agility.

— Don N.

I want to whole-heartedly thank you for all your help with my daughter's case against her child's father. We have been increasingly frightened by his actions and the court proceedings, and it was a Godsend to have your guidance and support.

— Robin D.

I can't begin to thank you and your staff for helping me get custody of [my daughter]. You are a God-send to us. I learned a lot from you, and without a doubt have the utmost respect for you.

— Sonny M

Some of Jim's Results

Attorney James Katz secured what is believed to be the highest post-judgment arrears case (alimony and child support) in that jurisdiction’s history: $300,000.

In this matter, the divorce occurred in Florida. There were allegations of abuse, infidelity and constant disagreement about “alleged” facts. Allegedly, payments were made in cash. Allegedly, side agreements “trumped” court orders. Allegedly, there were “receipts” wherein handwriting came into question. Unfortunately, family members testified. The court case lasted several days. Attorney Katz’s client, the ex-wife, secured an award of $300,000 and attorney fees and costs.

In one unusual case, the key issue was ultimate ownership of the multi-million dollar valued property overlooking the ocean in St. John’s Island in the Carribean. Attorney Katz represented the husband. The trial issues included breakdown of the marriage, financial contributions, child access, etc. - all issues touched upon the property in St. John’s. Husband was awarded the property.

Unfortunately, some cases remain in the court system for years. In one such case, Attorney Katz represented the father in numerous hearings against several attorneys. Child custody and related financial obligations always were the core issues. Opposing counsel invoked the philosophies of Abraham Lincoln. Mother sought support from the legislature and the “unknown” on the internet. Multiple judges issued decisions. Always, the results were the same: residential custody and financial support to Attorney Katz’s client, the father.

Recently (2014), Attorney James Katz presented at a trial in which the Judge (Magistrate) issued a 43 page decision. The Court covered all aspects of the case wherein after 10 years, the legal father found out he was not the biological father. Attorney Katz represented the mother.

Many issues were raised:

1. Should the legal father remain the “father” although it is clear he is not the biological father?
2. What about father’s financial obligations and access to the children?
3. Did the ten year time period have any bearing on the issues at hand?
4. What truly is the “best interests of the children” in a case such as this?

Obviously, there were myriad tangential issues and many potential legal approaches on both sides to the various court considerations.

The Court found for the mother on all counts. The Court ordered the father to pay 87% of the Attorney for the Child/Guardian Ad Litem (G.A.L.) fees and to reimburse the mother for her non-attorney court-related costs.

Attorney Katz, as is his responsibility to all clients, had to thoroughly research and prepare regarding all issues. He had to provide appropriate documentation and testimony to preserve the mother’s claims.