Uncontested Divorce

Connecticut Uncontested Divorce

What is an Uncontested Divorce?

In Connecticut, the phrase “uncontested divorce” is a commonly misunderstood clause. Over 30 years ago, the State required there to be an actual reason to get a divorce such as adultery or abuse. Unfortunately, this led to people misleading or lying to the court just so they could end their marriage. The legislature and the court system realized that this was inappropriate. Therefore, they developed the ability to get a divorce with no reason other than just a desire to terminate the marriage. Thus the clause “uncontested divorce.”

Today, many people believe uncontested divorce means that there are no unresolved issues. One can still raise very real issues such as adultery, emotional abuse, financial issues, etc. as a cause of the breakdown. Even a divorce with issues can fall under the umbrella phrase of “uncontested divorce.” The language that relates to an “uncontested divorce” is “IRRETRIEVABLE BREAKDOWN OF THE MARRIAGE.”

In short, one can get a divorce simply because they desire to be no longer married to their spouse without verbalizing a specific rationale. But, if appropriate, the specific reasons for the divorce can be made an issue.

How Can a Divorce Lawyer Help in an Uncontested Divorce?

Even if you and your spouse are seeking an uncontested divorce it’s a good idea to retain a divorce lawyer for several reasons:

  • He or she can make sure all the myriad issues are covered, i.e., taxes, insurance, protective language, etc.
  • The lawyer can minimize the stress while maximizing the gain.
  • They can answer all the multitude of questions that inevitably arise.
  • A good attorney probably helps you get a better night’s sleep.

To navigate the various issues while still processing the emotional and practical changes that accompany a divorce can be daunting. If you are seeking a divorce in Connecticut – uncontested or not ― it is important to speak with an experienced divorce lawyer.

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