Collaborative Divorce

Connecticut Collaborative Divorce

What Is Collaborative Divorce?

Collaborative divorce is a divorce option that is growing in popularity but is still used in a minority of divorce cases. In a collaborative divorce, professional mediators, including non-attorneys, assist the parties to reach divorce terms. The client makes the decision. The attorney guides, but does not advocate.

In short, there is a team effort in a collaborative divorce where the parties jump on board and want to take control of the decisions about their divorce so they can stay out of the court system. The parties strive to maintain a respectful attitude. In a collaborative divorce there are multiple meetings and usually one court appearance where the agreement is entered.

What Are the Benefits of a Collaborative Divorce?

Collaborative divorce can be better than a litigated divorce because you are the one who selects the terms of your divorce. There is more chance that later you will feel it was in the best interests of all concerned. Also, there will be greater commitment to the terms of the divorce by both parties. In a collaborative divorce, the divorcing couple freely discloses financial information and pertinent facts. There is a great deal of confidentiality with regards to information and numerous professionals are employed. No one intimidates or misbehaves or otherwise acts in any way other than courteous and respectful.

Which Professionals Are Involved in a Collaborative Divorce?

The professionals employed in a collaborative divorce depend upon the particulars of the case. They are attorneys experienced in family law. They do not act as advocates, but they do give advice to their own respective client. There can be a “coach” who assists in communication and the emotional aspect of the divorce. There can be a “child professional” who assists in developing appropriate orders concerning the children. There may be a financial professional who deals with marital asset allocation, tax consequences, etc. Sometimes there is someone who deals with the pension related assets of the divorce, if the facts warrant it.

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