Contested Divorce

Connecticut Contested Divorce Litigation

What Is a Contested Divorce?

Today most people consider a “contested divorce” to be a divorce with major areas of disagreement. In a contested divorce, spouses can have conflicts around the children including custody, support, and visitation. In a contested divorce spouses can also have conflict around major financial issues such as who gets the house or paying alimony. “Contested divorce” is not an official legal phrase. It signifies real issues that require more intensive time and commitment to secure a preferred result.

For a variety of reasons, most lawyers would not advocate for the verbiage “contested divorce” to be in the initial divorce papers. Obviously, you may wish to call a divorce lawyer and discuss what the language in your divorce documents should say or not say.

How Is a Contested Divorce Different from an Uncontested Divorce?

The primary difference between a contested divorce and an uncontested divorce is the ability to come to an agreement. As described above, in a contested divorce the spouses are not able to come to an agreement on one or more important issues. Either a contested or uncontested divorce can include allegations of wrongdoing such as abuse or adultery. There are legal rationales that can be developed between you and your divorce lawyer as to why you might use the language “irretrievable breakdown of the marriage” as a rationale for your contested or uncontested divorce.

How Can a Divorce Lawyer Help Me in a Contested Divorce?

You should hire an experienced divorce lawyer who can skillfully navigate preparing your contested divorce case properly for court resolution while still attempting to negotiate a fair settlement satisfactory to you.

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