Grandparent Rights

Grandparent Rights Connecticut Family Law

Many times a grandparent provides a lot of care and attention to their beloved grandchild. Upon the breakdown of the relationship between mom and dad, the grandparents lose out on time with their grandchild and they are devastated. Obviously, the child also loses out on quality time with their grandparents. Unfortunately, in general, the laws usually leave the grandparents more frustrated than satisfied.

In Connecticut, the courts do not micromanage family dynamics. Therefore, usually it is entirely up to the parents (the custodial parent) as to how much the child interacts with their grandparents. If the custodial parent says there will be no access then the grandparents’ only alternative may be to hire an attorney to attempt to secure access during the visitation time for the non-custodial parent.

This entire issue can be very emotionally charged. In general, there is an exception that places a heavy burden on the grandparents. By example, if grandparents can demonstrate to the court that their relationship with the child was extraordinary relative to a traditional grandparent/grandchild relationship and to deviate from that would be detrimental to the child, then the court can award grandparent access rights. Obviously, this is a very hard burden for one to prove.

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